Sean   Bean   Photo   Collection

Here you can find a small collection of photos of the British actor Sean Bean.

Since 2000 I have made an annual Sean Bean calendar because there is no official calendar to buy in the shops. Hope you enjoy the latest version!

Gisela, Germany

Photo Collection:

NEW! Sean Bean Calendar 2010 "Remember that scene?"
Sean with Peter Jackson and other LOTR related pix
Sean at the London Premiere of "The Fellowship of the Ring" 2001
The LORD of the RINGS Oscar Ads featuring Boromir
Magazine covers featuring Sean as Sharpe
Sean playing Macbeth (photos taken by my partner and me in Richmond and London)
Sean promoting LOTR in Cannes 2001
"Footie" pix from different sources
Pix from Sean's days with the Royal Shakespeare Company
Winona Kent's "The Compleat Sean Bean" - the most compleat archive of Sean's acting career up until March 2009
"The Mighty Bean" - great website with lots of information and pix, frequently updated
Renate's "Beanland" - great website both in German and English language